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Deliver programs which connect and benefit both the brands and an organization's clients/employees. We intend to provide an end-to-end solution to facilitate meaningful client & employee engagement through exclusive privileges and rewards provided by our brand partners.

Meet the Founders


Sourabh, CEO

Responsible for product, strategic development and finance. UCLA, Thapar University, Oracle, Symantec, Amazon and Microsoft alumni. After starting his first venture called Fundoori during his undergraduate itself, his deep penchant for entrepreneurship drove him to come back to India and start Advantage Club.


Smiti, COO

Responsible for the alliances, customer relations & marketing. UCLA, Mumbai University, Reliance and Microsoft alumni. Her extreme attention to detailing and deep affinity to benefit customers by serving them motivated her to leave Microsoft and start Advantage Club.

Our Story

Advantage Club was found to define employee benefits beyond just provident funds and corporate discounts beyond just dining. It has grown into a platform through which corporates can engage more meaningfully with their clients, while brands can easily reach out to the customer segment of their choice.

Our Culture

  • Customer focus

    If its not useful to the end-user, its probably not worth doing.

  • Flexibility and Employee perks

    Obviously! Get full access to all perks provided through Advantage Club.

  • Transparency within organization

    Share and collaborate. Scrums ensure everyone knows what everyone is doing.

  • Discuss, Disagree and Commit

    Healthy discussions provide the best solutions. Always.

Join Us

Reach us at career@workadvantage.in